Ruminating On Rumi

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.

~ M. Rumi

Friday, December 14, 2012

This Season ~ In Joy

Well, I haven’t written for a while.  Probably due to the season, maybe the dullness of the skies, perhaps crazy chemicals in the brain(although after seeing an interview that said there is no evidence or scientific tests measuring the chemicals in the brain to prove this, I am questioning) or just plain, old feeling down. I’ve been teaching my grand daughter, everything comes and goes.  That includes everything, weather, stuff, us and even emotions. I knew that this too would pass and I would again feel inspired to write a few words in this blog. 

It is a sunny day.  I am filled with gratitude.  Blessed to be alive, to be physically healthy and enough strength of mind to know that to practice with feelings and beliefs is a process. There is always something. At the same time there is no-thing. This is our saving grace. To truly realize that we are not things, that nothing is fixed and solid is a blessing. 

When we accept the concept of change as a constant (a bit of an oxymoron) we “know” that everything comes and goes.  That opens an invitation to find the blessing in this moment. So often, I have heard that running from what we fear is just running, it brings us no closer to the knowing. Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to turn and face fear and to realize that the fear is something we have created in our minds. We have the amazing capacity to find calm in the most challenging storm. We need only to accept “I don’t know” and learn to embrace the mystery of this moment, of this precious yet fleeting life. 

No matter how you celebrate this holiday season, I wish you joy, light and love.

In joy