Ruminating On Rumi

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.

~ M. Rumi

Monday, May 30, 2011

Finding The Inner Pig

Well, now that Pigasus has shown the way of transcendent nature, i am feeling gratitude for this pink pig project. A desire to engage more in the visual arts is bubbling to the surface. Seishin has kindly invited me to a fantastic creative project in the community called You Cube. She gave me a cube, one of 108, with six sides each to be embellished with something visual based on these six questions:

*  what stops you?
*  what inspires or nourishes you?
*  who or what has been a negative influence on your life?
*  who or what has been a positive influence on your life?
*  create a self-portrait
*  what is your biggest dream or aspiration for yourself and/or humanity

This form of creating feels so new & exhilarating. i can honestly say i am bringing beginner's mind to this. And, in a sense, i am trying to still even that mind and go deeper to source for the "answers".

Seishin has been a conduit of this project to me but it's original source is from Cathy Key. Click on this link to You Cube Art

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Pig Is Dead! Long Live The Pig!

Pigasus hung in until the end!

This Is It!

Today, Pigasus, the Pink Pinata Pig's Big Day!  In only a few hours, he will fulfill his higher purpose ~ to give pleasure to children. What could be more honourable! 

Wouldn't it be something if we all not only knew but could live our "higher purpose" moment to moment? i think, just perhaps, it begins with being present in this moment exactly as it is.  And, then maybe, and i can only use words, if that present moment becomes love for exactly what is then naturally being one with this suchness allows us to behave in a way that comes from "true self". Since true self emanates from source and source is love and peace then our being emanates the same. 

Can pigs fly?  You bet.  Soar Pigasus soar!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

In Her Vision

I have tied myself down far too long
When soul yearned to fly
Ensnared it with earthly desires
Tucked wings tight behind shoulders
In hopes no one would know of aspirations

Bowed head, turned gaze inward
Stared eye to i
In dream I wake to find thyself
Beyond the wholly me
To wander streets of loneliness        
To face that I will die
Each expelled breath
A mini death
Inhale, a birth, a moment new

In being born, life is always sentenced to death;
From that time of first breath to last goodbye,
And in between the how, not why.
To question what is the meaning of life?
The answer contained within.
Life is the meaning of life.
It is as it is. This moment. This breath.

This is it!
Truth lies not behind nor exists somewhere ahead.
The truth is what is.
Here now.
Now here.
No where to go.
No where to be.
Now where.

Take that exquisite leap of faith
Far beyond the "knowing" mind
Jump, eyes open closed, matters not
The fall is where flying finds
Its wings unfold in faithful fervour
Now eyes truly see

A New Day

Well, a new day dawns. Pigasus is perfectly pink. The necklace my beautiful daughter Ssarah made from her Jazzy Jewellery kit adorns his pink neck. Some flower stickers found on the way to Pic A Flic are stuck to his ears and one on his rear. He seems perfectly at peace with his purpose...
As i anthropomorphize his reality, it is really only a telling of where i am at. Now, in this time of healing, mind, body & connection with source, the Pigasus Project is an extension of that creativity which seems to be flowing into my life with abundance. When I open to this source with trust and non-resistance, all that is needed presents itself.
Yesterday, one of the movies I chose was Dr Wayne Dyer's "The Power of Intention".  I have been reading his work for many, many years. Perhaps last night I was truly ready to receive the gift.  Here are the 10 things that he lists at the end of the PBS Lecture.

~ Want more for others then you want for yourself
~ Think from the end
~ Be an appreciator
~ Stay in repoire with source
~ Understand resistance
~ Contemplate yourself as surrounded by the conditions you want to create
~ Understand the art of allowing
~ Practice radical humility
~ Be in a state of gratitude
~ Do not resolve a problem by condemning it
~ Play the match game (I am matched with the field of intention)
~ Meditate

Thanks to Dr Dyer.

Blessings & love.  We are truly 1WithAll.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pigasus Can Fly!

Here Pigasus takes a test flight around the garden. He sniffs a Stargazer Lily set out for him to enjoy.  I believe he is up to the task of being the Pinata at the Buddha's Birthday Party this Sunday. Even though it means his demise in this present form, after the candies spill out he will have fulfilled his purpose in this incarnation.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pigasus Soars

This morning rose in pink.  The pinking of Pigasus completed. He now hangs to dry and possibly contemplate his purpose ~ that of a Buddha Birthday Party Pinata. Or perhaps he "knows nothing" but only the moment; the feel of cool air drying the paint on his piggy body, the fresh smell of the damp garden, the sky light then darker as the sun slips behind clouds in the moment of being. The fast flutter of a hummingbird dipping into the feeder for the sweet nectar offering, then pausing, suspended by vibration, to see the pinkness of the dangling Pigasus. Perhaps, his pretend piggy ears hear the gentle tinkle tinkle of the metal wind chimes complimented by the tuk tuk of the wooden bamboo ones.
Or perhaps not.
All I sense is all that I imagine Pigasus perceives. As Pigasus arose from the gift of imagination, there is no separation between the imaginer and the imagined ... all the suchness of now.

... only task left is to give styrofoam wings painted feathers.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Bit Of A Ramble

As it seems from the relative truth of time, all life leads up to this moment. Yet the absolute truth is there is only this moment, this now. When we did what we did in what we call the past as we were living it, it was the now and the future never comes because it will always be experienced in the now. (Thanks Eckhart!)

If I am present in the moment,  then through this presence, I can choose to understand my conditioning and to witness my reactivity to the content and the circumstances of this play we call life. When in my mind, I believe something should be other then it is, I suffer.  If I can be with the suffering, I have the opportunity to plant seeds of understanding. Even if I let myself be a victim to the suffering, still later there is the opportunity for the fruition of the experience. Suffering can be a fertile field for compassion, understanding, love, oneness, empathy, care... a change of heart.  There really are no sides to suffering. When I experience this from true self, I can see that when one suffers, all suffer.

Today's Discovery & Reminder

Tuned in to Ted Talks and was treated to a most tasty affirmation of our oneness. You may want to check out
Elizabeth Lesser - Take The “Other” To Lunch

She quoted the first two lines of this Rumi reflection.  

I’ll Meet You There
by Rumi

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing
there is a field. I will meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
doesn’t make any sense.

Pigasus Pinks Up

Pigasus is beginning to pink up.  Spent a little while "patching" up spots on the body, added the tail and a leash with bungee cord so we can hang up Pigasus when he's ready to becoming a dangling pinanta.  Just to see how the pink paint would look, I painted his head.

Well, today the body doesn't feel so great. Still struggling with the "three bulging disc" situation and its referred pain of left butt, hip, knee and ankle. Then to add to that throbbing liver and achy head. Practicing "loving what is" because this is it, knowing this too will pass.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So it goes...

Today, working with Pigasus, as this odd little papier mache creature evolves from paper, flour & water, thoughts and concerns about the "little i" have been swirling around. i practice letting go of perfection. i was so concerned that the pig pinanta wouldn't be perfect. As it takes shape and is recognizable, i realized that the potential for this pig always existed. My task was to align my creative energies with that potential. With patience, presence, perseverance and trust, it's flying piggyness is coming to fruition. When "little i" feels proud of the project, "greater i am" gently nudges me and reminds me that "i" am only a conduit or vessel for source. (as we all are)

.... still these words are just a pigger pointing at the moon.

Pigasus Prepares To Take Flight

Today, the legs from newsprint and wings from styrofoam, with lots of tape and glue, have materialized. Pigasus' body & personality are being formed. Inside, full of candy sweetness.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

This Too

The Tao Of Pigasus

The Pigasus Piñata has a big head and a small body.
The head is big because it is stuffed with ideas, beliefs, judgements, perceptions, conditionings... the body is small, it is full of sweetness.
the small i like this "fragile pot" empty, full, half empty, half full
all ways changing

Saturday, May 21, 2011


First ever piñata. Background. The Victoria Zen Centre's annual Buddha's Birthday Party features a piñata for the kids. Assigned the task of creating this year's papier-mâché offering, this project has become more then just newsprint, flour and water, tape and patience. It is offering a peak at some of the conditionings that have layered my life at this time of transformation.

Fortunately, I had picked up a papier-mâché book in a free box outside a house down the street. Then Seishin gave me her son George's small globe shaped papier-mâché originally intended as a paper lantern. This was to be the starting point. From the book, I found the directions for building a Pigasus. With some modifications, I was sure I could pull it off.

Reality Slap #1 Papier-mâché projects do not look perfect from the get-go. This ugly monster of "not good enough" showed up as I struggled with shaping a ball that would become the pig's head. This "not good enough" has layered my life with self-deprecation. This notion of perfect has stopped me from beginning and completing creative projects.

Something Interesting: (found on a google search). Europeans linked the piñata with Lenten celebrations. The first Sunday of Lent became "Piñata Sunday," derived from the Italian word pignatta, meaning "fragile pot." Hmmm, pig, pignatta, piñata... and I, the fragile pot building it.