Ruminating On Rumi

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.

~ M. Rumi

Sunday, March 4, 2012

An Early Morning Meander

Most Wonderful Collage by Greg Evans

Be a tourist in your own life. Everything you need to know/do/be is present in this exact moment.  Just show up for it with intention. Then the answer, a teacher, an opportunity, an experience, an epiphany, an awakening will find you.  I am the embodiment of All.  All i need to do is to wake up to that which is always present.  Cultivate curiosity. This is the play. This is the mysterious nature that makes each moment so worth living. There is only this chance to make this choice for this moment right now.  

How powerful that we can create so many blocks in life, so much suffering.  This takes a lot of energy.  Imagine freeing up that energy to just be the inherent beauty, mystery, divinity in and of everything. No exception. The picking and choosing, the clinging and aversion that is the source of both the suffering and upon realization of this, a pointer to go beyond. Instead of what's next ask what's now.  In our diet all flavours are necessary to sustain a healthy body. So too in all the flavours that are the whole, the totality of all experience. Life pokes us to wake up by gyving exactly what is needed and asked for.  The paradox is that to truly see that we always get the experiences we ask for, we need to wake up. In waking up, we truly “know” that we are not living a life, we are life. In the state of reverie in the fertile field of our imaginations, we plant the seeds for flowers or weeds. It's all simply a matter of perception. The illusion is separation. This is the garden of Eden. We are not living a life; we are life. Consciously co-create by choice.  

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