Ruminating On Rumi

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.

~ M. Rumi

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Waltzing With Wisdom

Who takes the lead when we waltz with wisdom? Is it the brain or is it the heart? Does wisdom come at a cost? The price of innocence lost. Defining wisdom is difficult. Difficult because wisdom cannot be worded, truly. Yes, we are a world that loves words of wisdom, quotes from the wise.  Quotes cannot confer wisdom, quotes can only act as pointers. Words of wisdom are often just words upon the ear that knows all. Yet at times wise words can open hearts, stop time, awaken to true self. We speak/quote wise words but it is in the deeds that wisdom is expressed. These deeds are nourished by humility, a longing to serve others and in the "knowing" that each life has its place.

Difficult or near impossible to define, people generally recognize wisdom when they encounter it. Some of the attributes of wisdom may be tolerance in the uncertainties of life, introspection, a sense of balance and calmness in facing difficulties. From a space of wisdom, we offer spaciousness to others, forgiveness to self and others; wisdom awakens us to the preciousness of this very moment, this very breath.

How is wisdom different then knowledge? Thinking cannot make it so; wisdom is not an attainment of knowledge.  Nor intelligence gained by study or research. It can not be found in books or on the computer. It is not an achievement. Perhaps it can not even be in response to time although aging and its experiences may be fertile grounds for wisdom.

It is only in the experience of living and of learning from life's lessons that true wisdom is embodied. Wisdom is fluid, adaptable. This is the essence of wisdom.

What have I learned? We can aspire to wisdom with an open and true heart, a kind and loving nature, and the humility in waking up to all that is. This.

With these words, I fall short of explaining that which can not be worded.

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