Ruminating On Rumi

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.

~ M. Rumi

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Sense That ~ Hold My Hand

... we are coming to a tipping point.  I feel that this transformative process that is running through this body is the same as the one that is moving humans as a species.  I sense that it is a do or die time. As more souls beckoned on to awakening, all become a cumulative part of a global shift  in consciousness.  It seems that this shift is picking up in momentum because of the wonderful world wide web.  Communication and consciousness are part and parcel of this collective rubbing of our eyes, yawning and stretching and waking to this present moment.  With twitter, face book and other social media we can in the virtual sense of the world join hands around the universe. I wonder if it would be possible to send an e-mail around the world linking our hands in virtual solidarity.  Embracing our uniqueness as human beings yet at the same time our oneness with all form.

Hold my hand. Let us join hands in peace, compassion and love for all sentient beings on this planet.

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