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As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.

~ M. Rumi

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Thing Of Beauty

Thursday mornings are always a delight here on Faithful Street. This is the day, when my food box is delivered. It's been about three month's since ordering this wonderful service from Nature's Farmacy, 

Let me paint you a word picture. Every Wednesday night, i place the beautiful wooden box supplied by Nature's Farmacy by my front door. Around 6:00 a.m. Thursday morning, last week's box is replaced by this week's bounty. Nature's Farmacy sources locally for veggies, fruits, eggs and bread. In the winter time, fruit needs to travel a little further.

Today's box featured 6 brown organic eggs and a fresh loaf of gluten free bread so tasty it reminds me of a healthy, not so sweet cake. For veggies, a lovely purply-red cabbage, a bright green head of broccolette, pea sprouts and a leek. A special delight to my eyes was a mixed bag of lettuce. For fruit, one avacado, a Valencia orange, a D'anjou pear and an Edward Honeyblush mango.

The total for the order which breaks down to $15.00 vegies, $5.00 fruit and the eggs and bread delivered to the door is $29.25. (Depending on the number of mouths in your home, you choose the amount you want.) My purchase goes to supporting and encouraging local farmers to continue to nurture fine organic produce.

Plus weekly, delivered by e-mail, is a newsletter called: The Harry Truth with the subheading of Fostering Education, Not Medication. The newsletter features health information and cooking tips. This week's was particularly elucidating on the nasty ingredients contained in make-up and body care products.

I highly recommend the efficient, personal care provided by this wonderful local company operating under the principles of the Harold Foster Foundation.
I hope I've piqued your appetite. But don't just believe me, check out for yourself.

I'm loving local healthy food; local farmers get to earn a living. Best of all, I get to play a part in a co-operative, sustainable solution.

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