Ruminating On Rumi

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.

~ M. Rumi

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Wake Up Call

What are we here for?  I mean here in our bodies, on this planet, year 2012, at this evolutionary point in humankind’s creation. If you’ve been reading the Pigasus Project, or even if you haven’t, my belief, thought, goal, was to Wake Up. Funny thing is that believing, thinking and making waking up a goal are perhaps the antithesis to something that cannot be objectified, cannot be sought. Simply, Wake Up means being present. Seeking and searching is focussing elsewhere outside this being for “the answer.” Funny thing number two is that angsting and suffering over waking up is so far away from the Truth it’s like sitting in the nosebleeds and watching someone else play your life. 
From here, now, and I can’t say it’s definitely so or it t’ain’t so, it seems the missing piece perhaps is Joy. 
I mean when I really stop and take a critical look at the train wreck I call “my” life, I just have to laugh. Headline should read, Trauma Queen Takes Life Too Seriously. I’m just chuckling about this whole amazing and amusing game called “Hide ‘n Seek”. Sitting with fingers crossed hoping the future will be better is scary and not very fun. It’s darn stressful! To be sure, everything comes and goes, so what!  
Since all of what I am living now is simply the creation of a past me vibrating negatively or positively and attracting the people and circumstances that match that vibration why don’t I vibrate differently. Play the game holding the Joy card. Nothing is fixed or permanent and really the only thing I know for sure is that someday this skin bag of bones is going to be shed as easily as an actor changes costumes.  
What a blessing that I know at some moment I will die. Got it. I, we, can’t escape the inevitable. What I can do until that final moment of dissolution is live a playful life of Joy. Joy in setting free that sadly imprisoned true me held captive by the shoulds and shouldn’ts, dids and didn’ts. I’ve been good at acting the role of victim. What about, just for the fun of it, I choose Victim No More. What if, for example, I choose to live this moment as if it were my last. As if there were no tomorrows or no yesterdays. 

What an irony there really is nothing other then this exact moment. Here the chase ends; now wake up and play!