Ruminating On Rumi

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.

~ M. Rumi

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wake Now Discover

We so measure our value as humans by what we do not by who we are. Perhaps, I should say I do.  I struggle with this. Merely being who I am does not at times seem good enough. Although at times when I am truly present I sense that who I truly am is so much deeper than what I do, what I have and the many “mes” that include mother, yoga teacher, meditator, writer, guitar player.  These are all superficial. The cultural, social and generational layerings in a world that has believed that what’s out there is more important then what’s inside and, equally harming, the belief that we are separate from all else.  

Ironically, as I journey in this thing I call life I am realizing there are no things. I, we, are not living life we are life itself. We, all of this, is a process of change, of arising and dissolution. No thing can be separated from nothing. 

How can I believe or know this to be true? Does it require faith or trust?  Is there some kind of proof? It is a knowing that cannot be known with the limitations of mind, thought and feelings. Truly the only way to feel connected with all is to realize we (I) have never been separate. 

Thoughts, feelings, the workings of the mind can never truly embody this “knowing.”  Even words pale beyond this realization. They are a flimsy, inadequate relative vehicle to describe the indescribable, the absolute. Yet, until we can all rise to our fullest potential and connect beyond thoughts and words this is the vehicle to share the indescribable. As oneness individuated, we have gifted our “selves,” our souls with this body to rediscover who we truly are. 

Who we are has never been lost. Look with open eyes and see that essence that pleases us through the many forms of our cosmic consciousness, trees, flowers, oceans, all creatures great and small is the same. Yes, even all the many horrors we have committed as a human species on other species, our planet and one another is who we are, struggling to understand, to dare I say, find the “right” way of living. 

This is not a judgement.  Look through open heart and know that ALL this, the horror and the beauty is reality, not separate from one other. Perhaps, when we truly realize that what we do to others we do to ourselves we will have opened our eyes. This is happening right now. Here. Fighting does not cure what is.  Only through loving with compassion can we evolve to who we truly are. Peace. Truth. Love. Joy. One. Absolutely undivided. Yet, at the same time, here playing in these bodies, we have the unique opportunity to explore the creativity of our physical existence permeated and expressed through consciousness of one-mind, one-heart. And yes, through our physical bodies, loving hearts and open minds we take action to create equanimity for ALL beings. In honour of this existence in this body, we wake up to understand that just as we cannot harm this body vehicle, we cannot, will no longer harm all other aspects of our self on Mother Earth. 
All that has been has led to this very moment, where as a living planet we are ripe and ready to wake up. In this very moment, a smile, a kind word, a hug, a donation, a conscious act of care and concern ripple through the planet.  A single seemingly small act by many becomes a wave in an ocean of consciousness for the whole in one. Inseparable. Harmonious co-creating. As, “I”, we together are creating ALL this.

Beyond this temple of the body, beyond this tool of the mind we are consciousness itself.  To realize who we truly are we need look no further then this present moment.  This presence now.

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