Ruminating On Rumi

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.

~ M. Rumi

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Pig Is One (With All)

Wow!  Today is the 1st birthday of The Pigasus Project Blog.  So blessed as of this moment, this morning 991 sets of eyes have gazed on the Pigasus. 

Pigasus offered me a life line when struggling and suffering last year.  

Oh my, what a difference a year makes. So many changes. Even though there is sometime still the swirling, sinking of depression and the panicky sensation of anxiety more and more is this being able to find the presence to access gifts that help a turning and facing of the skeletons. There is a recognition of these bones of old and the joy in asking them for a dance. 
This would not have happened without the generous sharing of these teachers and their teachers and their teachers’ teachers.
Ven Eshu, Ven Doshu, Ven Soshin
Yushin, Sesshin, Kozan and all my brothers and sisters on the dharma path at the Victoria Zen Centre
Wayne Codling
My own Sister Shauna and Brother Steve, 
My amazing children, Rebecca, Sarah, Fraser, 
The teaganerrific Teagan, 
Past partners, Greg, Deb and Trish
My most amazing new friend and healer Marina.
The Wonderful World of Yoga has brought folks into my life like:

Ida Manley, Owner & Yoga Teacher at Moksana 
Jennifer Piercy, mentor and Yoga Teacher
Misha Butot, mentor and Yoga Teacher
Mary Jane (MJ) Yoga Teacher
All my fellow yogis and yoginis, friends, acquaintances
Jules Payne and Michelle Schroeder at Ajna Yoga Centre 

Donna Eden
Eckhart Tolle
Byron Katie

Love, thanks and appreciation to those who have gone beyond:
Mom and Dad
Nana (my greatest gift of embodied compassion) and Papa (Dad’s parents)
Grandma and Grandpa (Mom’s parents)
Gayle Hill 
Judith Myrtle 
Ramana Maharshi

This list could go on and on...
This being in this existence is so blessed.
Thank you.
Nine Bows